Saturday, June 7, 2014

the fault in our stars

I just loved the countdowns for this movie.  I love that my sister introduced me to this book.  She bought it sometime last summer and took it with her when she went on her trip to Scotland.  I will always remember her telling me how much she cried when she was reading it on a plane.  I would be so embarrassed if that was me, but she didn't care one bit!  I read it while she was away on her internship in New Glasgow and my parents were away on their trip.  I fell in love with it just as much as she did.

So, we got to see the movie together finally.  We were suppose to go over to Moncton in the afternoon, but it didn't work out so we went to the movie theatres hoping to see the 7pm showing.  We got there only to find it was sold out.  We decided that we wanted to see it that night, so we went up to the counter to buy tickets for 10pm.  When we asked the teller, she told us they added another show in one of the smaller theatres for 7:10pm!  Worked out perfectly for us.  We got settled and ate some popcorn and laughed about this and that before the movie started.

The movie was mostly funny in the beginning, but as it progressed it got more beautiful, powerful, sad, but uplifting all at the same time.  I loved when they were in Amsterdam, because it is such a beautiful place.  I also love love love Hazel's eulogy to Augustus.  Kayla and I literally sobbed and we didn't even care.  Even in a dark theatre, you know when other people are crying.  I heard sniffles and I saw some kleenex reaching up to people's eyes.

The movie is related to cancer, but it is also so much more than that.  I love the relationship Hazel and Augustus have.  It is so beautiful and moving.  So many people can relate to this movie, whether it is more about cancer, love or family in their eyes.  In my eyes, it was about love.  It made me long to have an amazing love story and press on in that love no matter what the circumstances.

I intend to have an extraordinary love story...



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