Friday, July 18, 2014

alice in wonderland 'unbirthday party'

We had a YSA activity to plan for the big conference at the end of August! It is creeping up on us so quickly and Charmaine has been such a trooper with most of the planing. She's great! We did have a theme to this planning night, again Charmaine's wonderful idea. We had an 'unbirthday party' like in Alice in Wonderland. It was so neat and as perfectly decorated as it could be in the Relief Society room at the Chapel. It was myself, Kayla, Megan, Steven, Charmaine, Kalen, Kelvin, Tim, Amalia, Dave and the three elders. We had a nice evening with treats, talking and a lot of laughing. The YSA conference is bound to be a big hit! I love these people and I am always happy to spend some time with them.

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