Friday, July 18, 2014

one piece of advice

This morning I got a letter from my good friend Jon.  Except, it was actually from Elder Cosman.  He got home in April, but the letter was dated January 11th and stamped May 1st, so we are not exactly sure what happened there.

He told me how much he learned from his missionary experience and how much his testimony grew.  He sent a nice little wallet sized picture overlooking Subic Bay, Philippines.

What he said here was amazing:

"never stop striving for perfection because eventually we will be perfected and if we aren't desiring perfection how will we be able to spend eternity in a perfect place?  Every decision that we make needs to be for the better of our eternal salvation and if it isn't we need to change".

Thank you so much for your mission Jon, you have taught me so much and you are a wonderful friend!

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