Monday, July 7, 2014

CBMF 2014

What a weekend!  I sit here in awe about how great things were on Friday and Sunday night.

Casey, Kayla and I bought our tickets for Cavendish last winter.  Jocelyn was so gracious and got us her staff discounted rate for the tickets, which was fantastic.  She didn't know if she would be going at that point, but she was hopeful that she would get tickets at the last minute like she had in the past with work.  The past couple weeks, I got more and more excited about it, but it never really hit me that I would be seeing these amazing country artists, who are all so talented.  Of course, I was most excited to see Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes.  Blake Shelton was just an added bonus for me.

Jocelyn ended up getting tickets for Saturday and Sunday night.  Chelsey ended up tagging along Sunday night to see Hunter Hayes with us.  Our neighbour Amanda was also going with her boyfriend Tyler and her two friends Sam Leclair and Katherine Cudmore.  Jon Cosman also texted me earlier in the week to let me know that him and his best friend Ritcey would be coming over for the weekend too.  I was getting excited to see all my friends that would be around.

Friday evening, Casey came over to my place just as Kayla got home from work.  We stopped to get some subs for dinner.  I was anxious as we made our way out to Cavendish, not really knowing what to expect.  We luckily got a great parking spot right in front of Cavendish Grove.  It was a bit of a walk to get to the concert site, which I found slightly annoying.  We also had to stand in line for a long time on Friday evening because it was the first night.  They only had a couple of people doing bag checks which made the line take forever, but once we got in the next line to get our bracelets on it didn't take too long.  It was a very warm night!  Once we were into the grounds, we ended up making our way right to the licensed area without even realizing it.  We went in any ways, hoping it would get us a way to the stage.  As we were looking around the area, we ran into Amanda!  Considering the amount of people there this weekend and that I heard the cell phone reception was bad, I had no intention on seeing many people that I knew, so we were lucky to run into her so early in the night.  We hung out for a bit and laughed a lot.  We started to make our way down to the stage a little later as a group, but shortly before Lady Antebellum started we got separated.  Casey, Kayla and I however enjoyed Lady A from the Right side of the walk-out.  They put on an amazing show.  It sounds so similar to their albums when they perform live, but I enjoyed that a lot.  After the show was over, we were lucky to make it out of Cavendish so quickly because of our awesome parking spot.

Saturday I went to work and it was soo windy all day.  I was on Facebook and started to see so many "hurricane Arthur" posts.  My sister was at Reebok for their tent sale and she posted that the tent was trying to blow away.  Sure enough, less than two hours later, the staff had moved everything into the store and the tent had collapsed in.  I was sad, and upset because those tent sales are a lot of hard work for the staff and I just hoped that all of the staff stayed positive through this unfortunate circumstance.  I stayed at work and talked to my supervisor about the weather conditions.  I could pretty much leave whenever I wanted to but I decided to stay until 3pm.  As I stayed on Facebook and watched the day roll out, the news came in that the Cavendish Beach Music Festival would be cancelled for the night.  It was pretty upsetting, mostly because I didn't realize how much I actually wanted to see Blake Shelton until he announced that he wasn't going to be able to make it on the Island because of the strong winds.  It was a sucky situation, but I remained optimistic.  I went home and watched a lot of TV, took a nap, had some dinner and then watched some more TV.  It was all good.

Sunday was a different story all together.  It was one of the best days that I have had in a long time.  I got up and ready for church and went to church with my family.  It was a great Sunday, with a nice testimony meeting and an awesome lesson in Relief Society on lasting happiness.  Lasting happiness to me at the end of this day was that I was able to spend it with some very important people that I hope to know the rest of my life.  After church, Jon and Ritcey came over for lunch.  Mom and I made BBQ chicken nachos.  They were so delicious and it was the perfect lunch to send us off to the concert.  I drove out to Cavendish with the boys while Kayla went and picked up my girlfriends.  She was such a trooper this weekend, even though we did snap a couple of times.  Once we were all out in Cavendish, the boys went off for a bit and us girls made our way down to the crowd.  Dean Brody came on around 7:30 and the boys came back and met up with us and we got a little closer to the stage.  It was so fun to be with them and Ritcey sang his heart out to pretty much every Dean Brody song.  They decided to stay with us for Hunter Hayes and we inched just a little closer to the stage.  We had a pretty good view of the centre of the catwalk, but Hunter didn't spend as much time on it as I thought he would have.  It was SO amazing to see him perform though.  He loves to rock out and you could see how happy he was to be there and to play.  He is such a babe too, I loved looking at him!

Hunter sang a lot of songs that I actually didn't know.  It was great, but I was really hoping to hear all of the ones that I knew.  I loved hearing "Invisible" because it is such a powerful song.  I also enjoyed "Everybody's got Somebody but Me" and "Faith to Fall Back On".  Near the end, he played "I Want Crazy" and everyone WENT CRAZY.  It was so awesome.  Hunter encored with Storm Warning which was so fitting for the weekend.  The boys had to leave right after his encore so we said our goodbyes and then us girls held hands and made our way out of the crowd.  I felt grateful and happy to have such wonderful people in my life and to have spent an amazing night with them all.

Now, I am just looking forward to the announcements for next year, and maybe we can do it all again!

 love these crazy people!


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