Saturday, July 12, 2014

happiest 5k

I had the time of my life running in THE COLOR RUN, the happiest 5k on the planet.  It was so much fun, and I am so happy that I did it.  I never saw myself as a strong runner, and I have been trying to run the past month or so, but the past two weeks I haven't done any since I was sick, and starting the job at the park and what not.  I was feeling a little nervous about how I would do, but to my surprise, I loved running and I felt great.  I didn't run the whole thing, but when I was running I felt like I was on fire.  My body was loving me for running.  Amanda and I would run and then pick spots where we would slow down, or just walk for a bit.  I loved being with her and we were able to find a comfortable pace.

The Color Run itself was and was not what I was expecting.  I was expecting to get way more coloured on the run than we actually did.  Most of the colouring happened at the after event.  I was also expecting that the color was going to look so awesome on me, but it really didn't because I was a sweaty mess and it sunk into my skin in places that I didn't want it to (I had a green moustache for awhile and the inside of my elbows were pretty blue.  The shirts were pretty thin so I had a blue belly and I think (days later...) there is still some blue in my belly button.    

I wasn't expecting that many people but I was so wrong.  I heard there was about 5000 people, but I never found out if that was accurate or just someone's estimate.  Still, it was crazy to see that amount of people.  I wasn't expecting that I was going to have so much fun on a 5km.  I wish there had have been music playing the whole time, like as a background and soundtrack to the run, but there wasn't.  They said the number one rule of the run was to never stop dancing, but I couldn't exactly do that with no music!  I don't think I could run and dance at the same time any ways, I would probably end up looking like a running penguin or something.

We met up with Casey and Cody after the run.  Amanda, her Mom,  her sister Lauren, her friend and I were in the first heat, which was actually great.  I saw some different faces from school and high school.  I am going to encourage EVERYONE I know to do it if they come back, because I had a blast.  Next time: I want to take more incredible pictures.  Maybe it's time for a GoPro camera....    

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