Thursday, August 21, 2014

pei preserve company breakfast & the butterfly house

This morning, my beautiful friend Megan and I went on a breakfast date!  I have never eaten at the PEI Preserve Company but I have wanted to for so long.  Considering we had the day off, we took the drive out earlier in the morning.  We got to drank delicious herbal tea before our pancakes arrived.  Everything was so yummy.  It was a beautiful restaurant overlooking the water and floral beds.  I just loved everything about it.  I also loved being with Megan.  I have not seen her very much this summer because we both work a lot.  I am so happy to be friends with her.  She is hard working and persevering and she can always make me laugh.  We can talk about anything and she is a great listener.  She is also very interested in my life and always makes an effort to show her concern. We took a walk after breakfast to the butterfly house nearby.  It was so lovely.  The Gardens of Hope are so beautiful and the cost of the butterfly house goes to a great cause.  I loved seeing all the beautiful colours of the butterflies and we even got a couple to land on us.  I think they loved the mint colour of my cardigan.  It was so much fun!

Thanks for the company Megan!


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