Saturday, August 30, 2014

people I love

you never forget 3 types of people in your life.
1. the ones who helped you in difficult times
2. the ones who left you in difficult times.
3. and the ones who put you in difficult times.

I am so grateful for a wonderful past few days spent with some amazing people.  I am also so thankful for my dear friends who have stuck around during the hardest times.

I have been struggling recently to find the right words to say to a couple of people and figure out why they distanced themselves from my life.  With everything that is about to happen in my life, I do not think that now is the most appropriate time, but someday I hope to find out if I did something wrong.  I always try to listen, but at this point I can't go back and change anything, especially if they never told me what I had done that hurt them or made them upset.

I think now I am just happier to know who really cared and I can show my love to the people who gave endless support or started to whenever I met them on my journey.  It was so wonderful to meet new people who instantly loved what I was doing and sometimes say "you are so brave or strong for doing this".  It gave me confidence to move forward each day knowing that people believed in me, believed in us.

I also had a couple of people put me in difficult times.  I will never forget the pain and heartache that two people caused me.  Years of friendship lost because of trust and insecurity issues.  I am happier because of these hardships, because I recognized that I had people on my side and people who were willing to hold me up and bring me out of that trial.

As I move forward into this whirlwind of a week that is about to occur, I feel thankful for Haig's family and all the love and support they have shown to me.  Sometimes there were times when we were not all on the same page, but I love them for caring that much especially about Haig and his future.  I am so happy that they will have him home, and I am just as excited to see them this coming week as I am to see him.

Our blessings are certainly worth the struggle.  Always remember that.

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