Tuesday, August 19, 2014

skies and pretty sunflowers

Since Kayla and Dad came over on Saturday night, we had an extra car in town.  I had to be back to P.E.I to work early the next morning, but Mom & Dad wanted another night to visit with my aunts and have a night away.  So after some cousin time on Sunday afternoon, we got in the car around dinner time and made our way out of Shediac.  I did some studying on the drive home for my final exam, but it was also so nice to sit and chat with my sister about a lot of different things.  We made stops at McDonalds for dinner, and another treat for me at Second Cup.  Close to the round-about on the way home, we stopped at this beautiful sunflower u-pick.  We had no cash on us, but we did have a camera and that was good enough for us.  I have always wanted a picture in a sunflower field. Next time, I would just like for the sunflowers to be a little taller, but this was still wonderful.  It's not all sunshine and flowers though, there are a lot of bumblebees and wasps to avoid and they are super scratchy!  Don't let the smiles fool you.  But I loved it!

We were making pretty good time once we got on P.E.I and I figured it would be my only chance to see the little village of Victoria by the Sea.  I am so glad we made the quick trip in because the place was beautiful.  It was not the nicest day from the looks of things on the Island, but we caught it at the perfect time.  The sun was starting to shine through the clouds making the most amazing views of the sky.  Kayla was able to catch the most highlights of it.  We also saw the "biggest tree" on Prince Edward Island, hence why I look like an ant in front of it.  Although it was getting late, the village still seemed busy with tourists so it is defiantly getting some attention.  Kayla and I enjoyed the rest of our drive home, and we watched a whole disc of the office season 6 once we were at home and cozy in our pajamas!  What a wonderful weekend!

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