Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday: blessings

If Sunday could be described in one word it would be: blessed.
I felt so much gratitude on Sunday, especially to be around my 'family', my oh so handsome return missionary and close to the house of The Lord.  We love the Halifax temple and we love that it is so close to home.  Sadly we could not go there together because it was closed, but we will be able to do some work in there soon enough.  I think it is so interesting that the Halifax temple and the St. Paul Minnesota temple are the same building.  It made me happy to know that while Haig was on his mission.  I love how much he loves the temple.  

We will go inside someday...

After a great fast and testimony meeting, we attending the rest of our classes and I was happy all day long.  It felt great to fast because I haven't in awhile.  We took a couple pictures before heading home in the late afternoon to have a meal.  It was delicious as usual, but before we ate Mom talked to us and told us how much she loved us.  Haig's parents are so wonderful and I love them to the bottom of my heart.  When I am with them all, I can feel blessings in my life.  I love the gospel in my life and that it has placed me into this family because I know part of me is suppose to be with them.  I love my family very much too and I am thankful for their support in all of this.  I especially feel blessed at this time in my life that he is home.  In all reality, the journey was long and it was hard.  I was able to keep myself productive and optimistic throughout it and it made all the difference.  Now that he is home but we are still apart, I am trying hard to keep that same mindset.  A lot of exciting things are going to happen, but they will still demand some work, support and a lot of trust in one another.

I love my beautiful life.  I love this handsome, return missionary. 

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