Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday: the arrival

Kayla and I got on the road around 10am and made it to Cole Harbour by 1:30ish.  We made a stop at Subway in Oxford on the way up to have some lunch.  It was a great drive and I am glad my sister enjoys driving more than I do, because it was great to relax and take it all in.  I was going to see him in just a couple short hours and I was getting very very excited and anxious for what the moment would be like.  Once we got to Halifax, we picked up Victoria and went to the mall for a little bit.  After that, Hannah took us over to Granny's house so we could get set up there and ready for the evening.  I decided to wear a cute dress and jean jacket to the airport.  I was so nervous about what to wear, but I opted with a dress because I wanted to look cute in my Sunday best, plus the jean jacket.  The only shoes that I had to match the dress were my sandals but I think it helped it looked a little more casual.  

We went back to the house around 5:30 and got ready to leave.  Jared, Emma and Victoria came in the car with us and we had a nice drive together.  I love them all so much and I am so glad they were with me.  The girls especially have been my rocks these past two years.  Once we got to the airport, I was very nervous but so excited at the same time.  I read my "last minute letter" from him, only to find out afterwards he didn't get mine, and that was a little disappointing.  His last letter was great though, and although it only made me tear up, the water works were only about to begin.  The grandmothers, Luke and Hannah got up close to the window with the escalator and then all of a sudden Granny Cliff shouted "Elder Pinsent is HOME".  We all started to gather closer.  Mom got the first hug of course, and then the way we were standing, I was in the last spot, but I am grateful that his family got him first and also Jared.  When he got to me, there was a look of bliss.  I feel like I practically fell into his arms at this point and I hugged him so hard that my feet were hardly on the ground.  I cried in his shoulder like I have never cried before.  Tears of complete happiness and joy.

It was perfect and it was the perfect moment to end the two years we had been apart.    

We drove home and had some dinner at the house before "Elder Pinsent" went to talk to his Stake President.  He was very relieved after he was released as a full time missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  So once he got home, he was still up for going out and doing something.  He drove Kayla and I to Superstore and we walked around for awhile.  We held hands again, big deal of course!  Once we were finished having some fun, we drove back to the house and then Kayla and I left for Granny's for the night.

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