Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday: happy day

Kayla was still in town on Thursday but she left me for a good portion of the day to hang out with a new and good friend.  Before we went out separate ways, we stopped at the temple to just see its beauty and be there as sisters.  I love this temple, it is a home to me and being there with my sister just makes it so much more perfect.  Once I got to the Pinsent's house, Haig was up and ready to go to the day, which honestly was a bit of a surprise.  We decided we would go to the mall for a little bit to look for some new clothes.  We made a couple of stops there and then decided we would go home and he would make us some lunch.  He gained some great cooking skills on his mission, I am very impressed and my belly was happy too.  After lunch, we cleaned up his room a bit.  He brought a lot of ties home, like A LOT of ties.  Some are pretty crazy, but they are all his and I will have to deal with it.  He had a job interview with someone he met on the airplane the day before, so he got all dressed up for that and we went out to Dartmouth Crossing.  I did some shopping while he was in his interview which worked out perfectly.  We made a stop on our way back home, and then Haig went out a little later to pick up our good friend Jordan Bruce and drive him home.  Kayla took a couple fun photos for us in the evening.  I missed this silly boy so much.  Haig and I went to visit his old neighbors Maureen and Jim in the evening and then we made a stop at the lake before going to get Kayla and going to Granny's.  We love the lake and it was so nice to be there with him again and have some good conversations about everything that has happened and some wonderful things that are ahead...

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