Friday, October 3, 2014

on my mind

Just a couple things on my mind as I have been trying to fall asleep: 

Thursday: I'll see him. I'll be in his arms again. I am falling more and more in love. I wish to shout it from the roof tops. 

Lipstick: is on sale at target. The maybelline ones that are usually 9.99. Well I bought one today, but I really want to have one more color for my transition into fall. Maybe I will reward myself after some note taking tomorrow...

Sophia May: I am so happy you have made your way into the world! You are so beautiful and I can't wait to meet you. I love your mommy and daddy very much and my heart is happy when I think about the three of you finally together!

Apartments: I will be moving out in a couple of months. I am not too stressed of worried but I just hope as a first timer, a nice enough place will be available. I really don't want to live in some sketchy, icky building/space. I am optimistic that I could make anyplace home though.

Photography: I should be taking more pictures. Not just of myself, but of the beautiful world around me. Maybe I should start a simple photography project or something. I would like to do some more crafts period. It will be nice when I am done school and I can make stuff until my heart is content. 

Dress: still letting my imagination run wild with this one. I have a good idea of what I want though and I am pretty certain everything will work out just fine. I am building my trust with it. 

Him: obviously. Every word he says. He made me so giddy tonight. I deserve this happiness. 

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