Wednesday, October 8, 2014

fall is finally here

I just love seeing all the leaves change color.  I feel so blessed to live in such a rich environment.  I just can't help but stare and wonder and amazement of all the many colors of this beautiful time of year.  I think school is going well, as well as it could be at least.  I feel pretty fortunate to have a decently light course load.  I am also thankful for my prioritizing and organizing skills that I have developed over my years in school.  Right now, I am going to run some errands because tomorrow I will be going to Nova Scotia to spend Thanksgiving with the Pinsents.  I am over the moon about seeing Haig again and I feel pretty relaxed about leaving all this school work behind.  Not exactly sure how I will feel on Monday when I come home to it all, but I really think I will be okay.

The Lord blesses those who keep his commandments.  I have been feeling those blessings in my life.

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