Wednesday, December 10, 2014

what I did when I was suppose to be studying

I finished school on November 25th. The problem was that I had to write one exam on December 9th. It was my intro to Anthropology course, so it was pretty boring to have to wait for too. I did study though. As soon as Haig left the island the weekend that he proposed, I wrote some notes only to have the exam format change twice. I was not impressed at all but I knew the material for the questions that were given in the review fairly well, so I wasn't too worried. However, finding out a day before that were would also be some short answer questions was quite a treat. I literally was so done writing that exam it wasn't even funny. One of my answers looked something like this:

4. What is status?
a. position
b. knowledge
c. authority.
d. "celebrity status"......
e. popularity

I very much enjoyed that first week or so of studying though because when I wasn't studying I had lots of thing to do. I had lots of yummy snacks and I got a little addicted to making cake mix cookies. I made two batches for the pageant and two batches for my own Christmas munching. I also had the opportunity to make a meal for a sweet family in my ward and it turned out delicious, because I had a little extra to make dinner for myself that night! The biggest fun of all was finding an apartment! Although I needed to be studying, I would be going back to work right after my exam so I wouldn't have any other time to find one. After looking at a couple of places, I found Haig's new place a couple days before my exam. I paid the damage deposit the day before my exam and I was very happy for finding a place that would work well for us so quickly. I loved spending time at home with my family, also doing some knitting, meeting up with friends and getting ready for the Christmas season. 

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