Monday, January 26, 2015

what it's like to be engaged

So lately, the only thing people seem to ask me about is "how are the plans coming along". It's not too annoying, but the funny thing is that we don't have much left to do. Like really, I need a bouquet made with the silk flowers I have purchased and that's about it. The relief society is having a shower for me this weekend and I am really looking forward to it. I have always wanted a church shower since I was a little girl. At this point in my life, I only have a few very close friends that I would like to have at another bridal shower, and some of them are not here right now so there's no big point in trying to find time to have two showers. I think people see it as this really blissful time in a woman's life. To be engaged and preparing for the next stage of her life, and sure it is! But at the same time, with going to school and working it's a little challenging. I think out of it all, I am just happy that I am one step closer to being his. Yeah, he liked it so he put a ring on it is the cliche term going around, but it is so much more than that. I know that we are engaged, right now, because he wants to marry me more than anything else. We have been struggling a little bit to get things sorted out over here. Haig was discouraged earlier last week because he started working night shifts and he felt like because our schedules are so off we were spending less time together. Surprisingly, we have not gone one day yet without seeing each other, and that makes me pretty happy considering how busy I feel sometimes. We've been having a good date night at least once a week. He usually cooks at the apartment and we have been eating on the couch, except that now we finally have cute metal chairs from target that he surprised me with last Friday night. Then, we usually watch a movie, or go get doughnuts at Tim Hortons or go to Target. We talk about our plans for our trip to Halifax next month. We discuss our callings at church and my school work. We talk about our hopes for the coming months and even years. We still talk about Haig's mission a lot, and I like learning more about it. We read together and cuddle a lot. We spend time with my family and our friends. This engagement has been lovely, but I never want to be engaged again. I want to be married to him forever instead.

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