Friday, January 16, 2015

january is lovely part 2.

January, it's going well. My mom and dad bought us a bed. Well, lucky Haig gets to sleep in it until I move in next month. Our family kitten Meeko is growing and she is full of excitement but occasionally she still likes a cuddle. School work is okay so far, but I especially like when I am able to do work at home by a nice warm fire. I got some missionary mail for the first time in awhile from Sister Wang in Australia! I also started work this week, it's only two days a week but it's something. I don't like when I am alone at school, but I make the most of it, sometimes that includes eating goldfish and a peanut butter jelly sandwich in the quiet area in the library, shhh. Oh and I have been loving seeing my boy every day. We have not missed one day since he has moved here and I am starting to think that we won't until we get married ;)










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