Friday, March 13, 2015

hi, I'm married and we don't have internet

Our little married life has started and we love it. The first couple of weeks have been going great. We wish we could just stay in bed all day most mornings, but I am so happy we have both been working hard for each other at school and work. When we come home in the evenings, we have a lovely time making dinner together, cuddle, watch the office, and all that other stuff that married couples do..

Right now, I am at home because we don't have the internet at the apartment which makes it hard to get some things done for school and job hunting. We looked into getting the internet hooked up at our apartment and we got a pretty good deal on it, until we had to buy a modem and router and the initial set up fees and installations. I can't exactly remember what else came up that day, but of course there was something big that we had to pay for. So after some thinking and talking, we decided that now wouldn't be a great time for us to add another bill to our list.

I've got a couple funny reactions so far, people are just really surprised about not having the internet. Yeah, it's not great but we will manage and it really is not the most important thing for us right now. Then for now, I will enjoy coming to my "house" to spend time with our kitten and eat my family's food ;)

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