Monday, April 20, 2015

sunday: our one day

Sunday has been such a wonderful day in the week for us. We have both grown up in homes where we keep Sunday a holy day and participate in activities that are wholesome and uplifting to go along with our worship at our church meeting in the morning to early afternoon.

This Sunday was really great because first of all, we love going to church. We still like to sit with my family, and I don't think that will change anytime soon, but sometimes Kayla gets a little too giddy after not seeing me for so long so it's hard not to talk to her about things that are going on and then we get a little too distracted. It is so nice to sit in between my two best friends though and sing hymns, listen to talks and receive promptings and revelations. Haig teaches the youth Sunday school class and then goes to Priesthood and I go to my Sunday school class and Relief Society. We like to sneak hugs and kisses in the hallway and I am sure there are some people who are sick of seeing it  now, that's too bad for them.

We had some exciting things happen this Sunday that made us pretty happy. One thing was we found out our little sister Rachel is officially engaged. I left Relief Society to FaceTime her because I was just so excited to see her face. It is very wonderful to be a newly engaged woman! I should know because I still feel like it was just yesterday that Haig proposed! We are both very happy and excited for Rachel and what is in store for her and her fiancee.

We went to a potluck in the afternoon for some friends who were visiting. It was also nice to visit with members that we are close to in the ward and build friendships in the gospel. After that, we went to my house for some more food (we were so full by the time we got home), and also to spend some time with the sister missionaries. We talked about how we can be everyday missionaries and how we may find ourselves in unlikely circumstances to share the gospel.

We really do love Sundays. We love the gospel. We know it is true. We love spending time with our friends and family and we love keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.

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