Friday, April 10, 2015

value village wedding dress: part 3

I wanted to get started on the alterations right away, so I began to search for a seamstress in Charlottetown. I didn't have much luck searching the phone book, kijiji and facebook pages. It really sucked. I didn't know what was going to happen if I couldn't get the dress altered. Then, I remember that when I tried on a dress at the wedding place just a couple weeks before, the bridal consultant mentioned that they would have a new seamstress starting soon. So, I called the wedding place and asked if the seamstress would do alterations on a dress that wasn't purchased from there. I was pretty happy and relieved when they said yes. Or I suppose Niki said yes.

I first met with Niki in early November and she started to work on the dress. She was just as surprised as I was with the dress and with the price. Niki is a wonderful and interesting girl. She has a science degree in textiles, like how cool is that. She is kind and she was so nice to work with. I won't go into the details of every appointment, but she altered my dress a lot in the beginning so that it would actually fit me. One time, she had just altered the lace and I had to try it on. Good thing I was wearing a white tank top that day that I pulled down right over my bottom (and nude colored underwear) or else I would have felt pretty awkward! She was totally cool from start to finish. When we needed to add just a little more underlay sleeve in the shoulder she did it with no questions asked. I think we made such a good team because I had ideas about what I wanted, but she also had a vision of how the dress should be transformed for me and it came together so beautifully.

I love what Niki did to my dress. She is so talented....she did all of it by hand!  I will always be greatful for her work.

My mom came with me to most of the appointments, but one time Kayla, Casey and Jocelyn came with me and on my last appointment my Aunt Karen joined mom and I. My Aunt Karen was pretty happy about the dress, but sad that her little niece wasn't going to be so little anymore. She also insisted on buying me a veil. I was not planning on wearing one, but I had dreamed of wearing one. Niki helped us pick out the perfect one for the dress.

myself and Niki on my last fitting

on my wedding day, February 21st 2015

Also, I love my mother so much for paying for the alterations. I will carry on the tradition of paying for my own daughter's wedding dress someday...

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Buttons said...

aww this story was so sweet, I love when the Lord blesses us with great deals. hahah for the record, I was a crazy lady who tried on all the wedding dresses in value village ounce lol. but i couldn't make anything work. thankfully the lord blessed me with an LDS dress in the clearance section of a PEI bridal store. Just shows that we will be so blessed when we choose to work towards a temple marriage. Im so happy for you :)