Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Graduation Day

Graduation Day was GREAT! Well, except for a pitiful brunch downtown. The food may look yummy, but it was not excellent. We went for brunch at 11am. After we ate, we still had a lot of time before graduation, so we headed over to the Farmer's Market to look around. We made our way over to UPEI around 2pm. Mom and Kayla helped me get into my gown, because it was a lot of work! So many safety pins to try and get the hood to stay in the right place. I had no idea it would be that annoying!  We were lined up in the Duffy Science building. It was great to see familiar faces, but also get to bond with some new faces over how excited we were to be done. Getting lined up was pretty disorganized in my opinion, and I blame all the people who didn't show up on time, or who didn't show up at all. Finally, we walked over to the Sports Center [I took a selfie on the way] and walked into the gym.

People were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments on Prince Edward Island and they spoke to us. When it came time to give our the degrees, I was very relieved. I was excited waiting in line to walk across the stage, but I was also anxious and even nervous. When it was my turn, I took my time, I smiled and I thanked each individual on the stage that congratulated me. I was very impressed with myself when I sat back in my seat. I was done! 

After, I quickly found my great friend Kylie for a picture. I also found my family and their happy faces and took some pictures with them. We made our way home, and then Haig and I left to go to Nova Scotia for the rest of the weekend!

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