Thursday, May 21, 2015

tourist for the day

 The day after our reception was super great! We got to spend it with our family & Megan, so we loved it! It also helped that it was gorgeous and sunny outside. It is so nice to see that spring has finally sprung after what seemed like an endless winter. Katherine and Megan also stayed at the Delta, so we met up with everyone in the morning and took a walk around downtown Charlottetown. I don't hang out downtown very often, so it was nice to look around and browse into shops that I had never been in before. There are lots of treasures to be found! I loved spending time with everyone before they had to leave us. It was nice to be around Cecelia some more. She loves Haig so much! I wish we lived closer to be around her and momma & dadda. We did some more shopping with Katherine and Megan after Mom, Dad and the kids left for home. We took them to the North River Causeway. We bought Cecelia the classic "Anne of Green Stables" cows shirt. I had such a great day. We headed to my house in the evening to open up our reception cards and gifts. Everyone was so thoughtful. We appreciate the generosity we received, the kind and sweet words and the time that everyone took to be there with us on a very special weekend!

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