Sunday, June 7, 2015

I love our life

"I love our life" is what I told Haig today as we drove to my parent's house for dinner. 
I really do. It is as simple as that. We are happy and that's really all I could ask for right now. We still have lots of things to accomplish, mountains to climb. We will see lots of new faces and have new experiences, but it is exciting. 

We like doing fun things together and I think that is making us happy. We made a trip to Moncton last Saturday to see my Grand-mother. She is not doing so well anymore, but when we asked if she knew Haig, she said "that is my new grandson". I did my best to hide my tears. On the way out of town, I got a McFlurry because apparently they were "born" in New Brunswick. I really did just want a soft serve cone, but when in New Brunswick I guess right?

I was so excited when my new friend Maureen texted me to tell me that the story about my dress would be in the paper on Monday June 1st! When I woke up in the morning, I saw my picture on the front page of the guardian. I was very excited to have a copy in my hand. I went to a convenience store after I took Haig to work. I secretly hoped the attendant would recognize me from the picture on the front page, but obviously he didn't say anything. I had lots of nice comments from friends and family during the week. Thanks for all the love!

This weekend has been especially nice. Relaxing and comfortable. Friday night when we got home from work, we cleaned up after a hot and sweaty day of work. We went and made a pizza order at Greco and also picked up Haig's dress pants that were being hemmed. On Saturday we had some church meetings in the morning, then I ran some errands. In the later afternoon we went to search for some used bike parts in Charlottetown but we didn't have much luck. It was a shame, but hopefully we can figure something out soon. Haig has been working so hard and then walking home from work at the end of the day! My husband is killing it. I am so happy that he works hard to provide for us. I just hope he continues to be happy with what I put on the table for dinner, and even dessert and every-day snacks! 

We also took a nice walk with Casey and Cody to Vanco Tulip Farms!
more photos to come soon...

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