Saturday, July 4, 2015

Beach Day

Even though the echo was not working, and it was the weekend so my parents weren't working, they so graciously let us borrow their car so we could head out to the beach this afternoon. I am so glad they did. I loved spending time in the sun with my favorite guy. It has been pretty hard to work 9-5 jobs and only see and spend time with each other in the evenings. I am sure we could head out to the beach some evenings since it has been so hot, but this afternoon was perfect. We did have to leave sooner than we had hoped to go look at a car, but no big deal. We enjoyed the time we got to spend there. The water was pretty cold and we didn't get too wet, but we walked down the beach a couple times. We also had some beach entertainment as we saw one man doing some tai chi on a sandbar and another man not to far away from him playing the guitar. It was a pretty funny sight. Very Prince Edward Island in my mind!

I also loved wearing this new bathing suit from Old Navy! It was on sale for $12.

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