Friday, July 3, 2015

all about a girl

Just some stuff about me lately:

I have been baking a lot more than I used to. I really like to make muffins because I like them as a breakfast, lunch or snack. 

I have also been eating a lot of ice cream. Jewell's Country Market down the road from our house has so many flavors. I want to try as many as I can this summer.

I was recently called as a secretary in our church Relief Society Organization. It was really exciting and I love to serve others. I need to think of some more service projects for my own life and for sisters I visit with. I know I can be a happier person when I find opportunities to serve. 

I started watching the show "Raising Hope" with Haig about a week and a half ago, and it is so cute! My family is pretty silly, but not as silly as this one. I want to have grandparents around when we are raising our children. They will be a blessing to their lives.

Last night Haig and I watched the fireworks up close in Victoria Park. They were so lovely. I can't tell if I like them more up close or from a distance. It's a bit of a debate, but I think I did like being so close to them, and wrapped in my husband's arms. 

Even with it's ups and downs, and it's stumbling blocks, I love being a wife. Although I also enjoy working right now, I love being a home maker. I am doing my best to stay organized, have meals planned and make time to look at our finances, read and study our scriptures together and find ways to love and serve my husband.  

I am starting a little herb garden in our kitchen window sill. I have little mason jars that I am going to make labels with with chalkboard paint. I am excited to pick out some herbs soon. I'll probably get some more ice cream while I am there too...

I have been missing having some new music in my life. I am currently listening to some new to me Boyce Avenue tracks. I think I will have to buy myself an iTunes card one of these days and find some new summer songs I like.

I want to go to the beach this weekend. We are in a hard place with our car. We need to get a couple things fixed, but we also need to start looking for a more reliable and efficient car. We will figure something out I am sure, but it is a pretty stressful situation.

To end on a good note, I have finally gotten around to writing thank-you notes for our wedding reception in May. I went to Michaels last night and bought some cute note cards, and I also found an adorable one piece swim suit at Old Navy for only $11.99. Score!

Happy Weekend...  

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