Thursday, July 2, 2015

Our First Canada Day

It was a little weird to me that Canada Day was right in the middle of the work week. It was certainly hard to go back to work after a day with this handsome guy. We woke up fairly early so Haig could get ready to go golfing with a friend from work. I hung around the apartment baking a cake and then I headed over to my house to go to the park BBQ for lunch. It was really nice to spend some time with him, and I like being at the park because I really enjoyed my time working there last summer! 

I met Haig at the apartment a little later and we ran some errands around town. We went to Shoppers to buy some cards and a couple other places to browse. I am not surprised that most stores are open now on Canada Day, but it is pretty sad that it is no longer a real holiday to celebrate our beautiful country! We didn't plan on watching the fireworks that evening, but we went downtown to see if much was happening. It was fairly quiet, so we decided to get some pizza for an early dinner. We got the "three little pigs" pizza. We ate it in King's Square in the shade of a big tree. We ate some of the delicious cake I had made once we got home and my parents came over a little later to have some too!

Later that evening, I noticed that Canada Day was the last holiday we would celebrate together since Haig came home from his mission. It is crazy that he has almost been home a year and so much has happened! I love this Canadian Boy. 

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