Friday, July 3, 2015

White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

I was browsing on Pinterest on my phone one evening and I came across a popular pin of this White Chocolate Raspberry Cake. Obviously my first thought was "that looks yummy!" I looked up the recipe and I was surprised to see that it used a cake mix! I love anything cake mix. It makes everything so much easier and delicious. I decided it would be the perfect treat for Canada Day as it was Red and White! 

I made sure I had everything and I made it the morning of Canada Day while Haig was golfing with a friend from work. The recipe itself was super easy, but I should have added wayyy more raspberry pie filling in mine. Even though I didn't put in a lot, I love that the raspberry flavor made its way through the whole cake. The cream cheese icing was also very tasty. My husband and I love anything cream cheese!

I am pretty sure I will be making this cake again very soon. 
Anyone want us to come over and share it with you?

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