Sunday, July 19, 2015


Yesterday morning I went strawberry picking with my mom out at Woods Farm in Teahill. It was a nice little spot. It was hard to pick strawberries going up a hill, and I didn't really get the chance to talk to my mom as much as I had hoped to. But we got lots of strawberries and that's what we went for. Surprisingly, I didn't eat any as we picked them. We went early enough that by the time we were finishing up, it was starting to get busy and I just wanted to get out of there before it got too crazy. We went back to my parent's house and we cut the stems and strawberries and put them in ziplock bags with sugar. We like to use them in the winter for waffles, but I will probably have to open one up sooner because they are always so delicious!

Later in the day, after I picked Haig up from work and we ran a couple of errands, we went to Miltonvale Park for our Ward's strawberry social. We mostly just went for the strawberries because we were going on a date after to the driving range and we wanted to spend more time together than socializing with other people hahahha. Marriage always wins ;)

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