Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Camping Lunch & Cape Bear

The next best thing about our camping weekend was the food we brought. I was going to say sleeping in, but then I remember that we didn't really do that. I heard the ferry horn at 6:30am and I didn't end up falling asleep again. We also ended up sleeping on the ground because there was about four holes we didn't know about in the air mattress we had brought. I guess sleeping on the ground is what camping is all about though right? We started making our "breakfast" around 10pm, and it was so huge that it ended up being our lunch too. We took my parent's Coleman stove and made scrambled eggs, sausages and we toasted english muffins near the hot elements. We had also brought cherries earlier in the week that came with us, and they were the best camping snack ever! 

We took a walk around the campground after we ate and we freshened up a bit to go for a drive. We headed out towards Cape Bear where I thought there was a lighthouse we could see. We ended up down a red dirt road, in our "new" black car, but I am so happy with what we found. We were literally on the edge of Prince Edward Island. We stood at and around the top looking at the gorgeous red rocks and dirt. Then, we started scoping out a way we could get down the hill. I think we would have prepared ourselves a little more if we had have known we would be climbing down a read dirt hill. Haig was wearing flip flops, and I was wearing a white dress! I managed to get down the hill, and back up the hill later on with no marks on the dress, but lots on my red shoes.

We had so much fun down there though and I have never seen anything like this on PEI before so it was very exciting for me and just as exciting for my always adventurer husband. I am so glad I was with him and that he always keeps me safe, even when he wants to climb down a steep hill of mud and dirt!

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Helen said...

Looks more like breakfast or perhaps brunch!