Monday, July 27, 2015

Travels with my Husband

We left for Moncton on Tuesday, July 21st after work. It was probably the longest drive of my life. We hit a lot of traffic on our way out of Charlottetown, and there was road work on the Confederation Bridge so we could only drive about 40km/hour. When we got to Moncton, we went to the mall to eat some dinner and Haig wanted to buy a couple new shirts. Then, we drove to Paul's apartment in Riverview and spent the night there.

We got up bright and early to catch our flight out of Moncton to Toronto. We got there at a decent time, and didn't have to wait too long to board our plane. Once we got on the plane, I was super tired. I didn't bother to listen to any music, and I really wasn't interested in watching TV so I started to doze off. I really didn't realize I wasn't feeling well and then suddenly it hit me. I don't exactly know what happened, but I did end up passing out and having a small fainting spell in my seat. When I woke up, I got sick all over myself. Flight attendants rushed to help my poor husband sitting beside me. I continued to get sick. They asked him all sorts of questions about it and he told me later that this bugged him a lot because all he wanted to do was help me. I came too shortly after that and I had some orange juice to drink. I remained unsteady for the rest of the flight and I did end up getting sick one more time. Before we landed in Toronto, we were told that we would need to wait two hours until we got on our next flight, so we would not arrive in Calgary until 2pm instead of 12pm. That sucked to hear, but we knew we woulc figure it out.

Once we landed in Toronto, they re-arranged our flights for us and upgraded us to PLUS seats, which was very nice of them. Thanks Westjet! We hung around the Toronto airport the whole time. We ate some bagels from Tim Hortons and I drank some Vitamin Water. I also had some chocolate, because chocolate fixes everything right? I also threw out the shirt I had been wearing, which was pretty sad because I really liked that shirt! I had no problems again and we got on our flight to Calgary!

I was still anxious on the flight but I kept myself very relaxed with ginger ale and HGTV. My husband fell asleep for most of the flight, which also helped because I didn't want him to have to worry about me so much. He deserved a break from the craziness that morning. I had no problems on the flight to Calgary until we were finally on the ground. We were walking off the airplane and into the long hallway that would take us into the airport and I felt all pent up anxiety coming at me. I knew I was going to be sick again, but I had to make it to a bathroom. Miraculously, there was one right around the corner from the hallway and I ran to it without saying a word to my husband. I texted him from the stall to tell him what happened. He waited for me and we went to get our bags.

Eric picked us up from our long, long morning of traveling. We made our way to the Persson's apartment to pick up Katherine, Emma and Cecelia and head down to Cardston. It is a shame we didn't get to see more of Calgary, but I am more grateful that we made it there to be with our family. After another scary event that evening, I knew no matter what happened during our trip, we were surrounded by people we love and we were there to spend time with them.  

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