Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Beazer the Beautiful

We stayed about 13km away from Cardston in a little place called Beazer. We stayed at Badger Valley Ranch. It was the sweetest little place and I am so glad we could stay there with our whole family. Haig and I had a nice common area in the back of the lodge with our own bathroom and a big walk in shower. We basically had no cell phone signal at the ranch so it was nice to be able to spend so much time together face to face, and with our family. The rest of the family slept in the main area of the lodge and Mom & Dad had their own bedroom near ours in the back and Katherine & Eric had their own bedroom near the front of the lodge. 

The Neilson's house was the next house on the street. They have such a sweet home, filled with light and a love of the gospel, literally. It was such a pleasure to meet them all. Although we didn't get to know each other as much as I am sure Rachel knows them, I am so happy she has found them and that she will be able to fall more and more in love with them. They are some pretty amazing people. It was so nice to be in Beazer and look at the gorgeous views of the mountains. It was so nice to be around family and new family. Although we live different lifestyles, I admire what the Neilson family does. We especially loved their hospitality during our visit, and our new brother in law certainly knows how to BBQ a good steak...

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