Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Emma came to PEI

Once we got home, we went to my family's house to say hello and get a bite to eat. We took Kayla and Emma to Victoria  Park and played on the playground. We felt pretty cool at one point, we are a bunch of big kids. Kayla came back home with us for a little bit and we played a round of Skip-Bo. Emma won and it was only her first time playing.

I am happy that I took the day off on Monday. I am really glad I could spend some time with Emma. I dropped Haig off at work and then I went to do some grocery shopping because we threw out most of the food that was in the fridge before we went away for the weekend, which wasn't a lot of food anyways! Once I got home, I did a couple things around the apartment and then I woke Emma up and she started to get ready for the day. We picked my Mom up at 11:30 and we made our way out to New Glasgow to the PEI Preserve Company for some lunch.

I just love being out there. The PEI Preserve Company shop and restaurant are both so great. We all really enjoyed our food. I had a BLT on ciabatta bread and tostitos chips with peach and cherry salsa, both were really good. Emma had the lobster chowder which she said was better than she had anticipated. My mom had the most deeeelicious PEI potato pie. I defiantly want to get that next time I go out there. We also looked around the restaurant and theater venue some more, getting some ideas for a birthday party we are planning for next summer...

We walked through the Garden of Hope towards the Butterfly House. I visited here last here with my sweet friend Megan. I felt pretty lucky to have a day off with my wonderful mother and my beautiful sister in law. The butterfly house was really nice, but I enjoyed it a little more last year because more butterflies would land on you without holding any oranges. It was still really great though. I think my mom really liked it too. When I was younger, she called me her little butterfly.

We drove back into town and Emma and I went for some ice cream. We picked Haig up from work and brought him back to the apartment to shower and get changed. We went to my house for dinner with my family. We ate some waffles with strawberries, peaches and whip cream with bacon and hash browns on the side.  We went to the mall and a late show movie.

On Tuesday, Haig and I both went to work and Emma spent the day with a friend from church. In the evening, I made us some pork and potatoes for dinner and we took a little drive around town. When we got home, we watched a movie and ate some snacks.

I drove Emma to the shuttle this morning, and I was really sad as I drove away. We are so glad she could come visit with us and it was nice to have her in our home. She is an amazing young woman and she has so much potential. I hope she has a really great year at school and I know she has some really exciting things in store. She is on the right path.

I feel really blessed with my life right now. There are challenges that arise everyday. Right now, I am very tired from this "extra-long" weekend but it was all well worth it. I just made a tuna casserole for dinner, and I also just took chocolate muffins out of the oven. I am about to read the scriptures with my husband and prepare for our Strengthening Marriage course tomorrow night. As tired and sore as I am, I am happy.

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