Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Away

This past weekend was an "extra-long" weekend in my words. I had a hard time going back to work on Tuesday because of all the fun we had. We left PEI on Friday afternoon. I had the day off for the Gold Cup and Saucer Parade. Haig had to work, but luckily he was able to get off a little early to leave town with his wife. We are super grateful for our gainful employment, and we are very satisfied that we both enjoy the work we are currently doing. Haig was really fortunate to find such a good place to work this summer, after working at a not so good place for a very long time. I am comfortable with his work environment and that really helps too. I am glad that he is happy there and that he comes home happy mostly every day.

Never again will we buy a car without air conditioning. It was a hard drive to Nova Scotia in the muggy humidity. Haig drove to the Cobequid pass and I drove the rest of the way. The heat was tough to deal with, but the drive was pretty gorgeous in the sunshine and passing through a couple of areas of sun showers. When I made the exit into Cole Harbour everything was dark. The change of atmosphere was drastic. I missed the sunshine so much, and we didn't really see the sunshine again until we drove home on Sunday.

Once we were in town, we saw some of our family before getting ready to go meet Laura for our photo shoot. Laura was not feeling well most of the day, so we are happy she did agree to come meet with us. I hope we didn't wear her out too much, but I think we had a good time. We took pictures near the Halifax Waterfront Historic Properties and Citadel Hill.

We were lucky enough to stay out our Aunt Sharon and Uncle Christian's house on this stay. They were away with their three kids on vacation. Our Aunt Helen who lives with them was there to greet us on Friday night and we are always happy to see our Nova Scotia family.

We went to the 9am session at the temple on Saturday morning. It was a great session and I always love being at the temple with my Eternal Companion. We left pretty quickly after the session was over because we wanted to get home to see if anything was planned for the afternoon. Nothing was really going on, so we decided to go on a little adventure to superstore, mic mac mall and value village. Later we picked Hannah up and went for a swim in the Oliver's pool.

I took Hannah and Mom over to Halifax on Saturday night to attend Laura's doTerra party. It was a lot of fun and I am getting more and more interested in using essential oils. I think they are really fabulous. My small collection has helped me a lot already, so I hope they will continue to work well for me and our home. Haig went out with Luke and when we all got home later in the evening, we went for another swim. Mom and Dad came pretty late too and we had lots of fun. My family is pretty great. I swam in the middle of the pool at one point while Haig, Emma, Luke, Hannah and Dad swam in a whirlpool motion around the pool and Mom was sitting on the edge of the pool. In that moment, I felt grateful to be part of this beautiful and loving family.

We went to church as a family on Sunday. Mom gave a wonderful lesson in Relief Society on Sabbath Day observance. Haig and I are not perfect with what we choose to do on the Sabbath Day, but I am glad we do have standards in place and we know that we can counsel with the Lord about what things we should and should not do on Sundays. We went home for a delicious lunch and then we decided to leave so we could catch the earlier ferry home and get Emma to our beautiful Island sooner rather than later.

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