Friday, September 4, 2015

Andy Brown at Trailside Cafe

I was super excited when Andy Brown announced his Canadian Tour dates for his new album "Run".  I know that last time he played on PEI he played at Trailside Cafe. I wasn't really sure what it would be like because I ha never been out to Trailside before, but I heard lots of good things. I was really sad when his show sold out quickly for the end of August. I was browsing on facebook a couple of days later and I found out he added a second show at the cafe for September 2nd. I knew we had to go see him. 

Trailside Cafe is about a 25 minute drive from where we live, so we got cleaned up after getting home from work and we made our way up to eat some dinner there. Haig and I shared the Gouda Lady Mac'N'Cheese and The Carnivore thin crust pizza. The mac'n'cheese was seriously the best thing. Next time I am craving mac'n'cheese (like mostly all the time), I will be thinking of that one. Later in the evening, we also got some fresh blueberry cheesecake. 

The opening act was a young group called the Elusive Kings. They were really great. It was really nice to see this young vibrant talent and these young men supporting each other in their goals of becoming great musicians and performers. 

I really started to understand why Andy played at Trailside Cafe during his first couple of songs. When I first started to listen to his music I would go to his shows at crowded bars with rowdy listeners. The genre of his new album has matured, and Trailside Cafe was the perfect place for him to showcase it. His songs are mellow, sweet, risky and playful. Andy Brown was accompanied by Tian Wigmore. I loved the songs from his new album, but I also really enjoyed listening to his older songs that I have listened to for a long time.   

Next time, I will be more careful and get tickets as soon as possible.
Thanks for a wonderful night Andy Brown & Trailside Cafe. 

photo courtesy of Trailside Cafe. we are sitting right by the window with the white curtain

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