Monday, October 19, 2015

Morning "Glory"

Honestly, I hate mornings.

When I started reading Morning, I liked that it talked about how it would provide a framework for morning success.  My mornings are currently lazy, busy, rushed and non-fulfilling. They include getting up at different time depending on our daily work/school schedule, getting ready for the day (shower, hair, make-up, getting dressed), eating breakfast, brushing teeth, packing a lunch & items that I will need for work. Some mornings also include getting on the computer to pay bills, do work or catch up on blog reading and social media.

After Amberle contacted me about becoming an advocate, I started to pay more attention to what I was doing in the mornings. I realized that my mornings are not how I would like them to be. What was the matter? I was not sure. I was looking forward to finding out what things I could do to better my morning routine.

I am seeking fulfillment for my mornings. When I open my eyes, I immediately rush to the events of the day. I quickly think about work and what I will need to do, I think about what we will have for dinner and what errands we need to get done in the evening. My mind races as I wake up and it does not help me to feel relaxed about the day that is ahead. I look at my sleeping husband, who {most of the time} is still in dreamland. When I wake him up, we cuddle and share an embrace that was made to get me through the day.

I really need to re-focus myself  on becoming more calm in the mornings. I need to have better thoughts as soon as I wake up. I can do this by thinking about hings I will be grateful for about this new day. That's just what it is. a brand new day. My life is very wonderful and I have been blessed with so many opportunities, especially these last few months and this past year. I can more fully embrace my morning routine by starting my day in a sense of gratitude. I need to pray vocally each morning before I even leave our room to feel the Spirit of the Lord and have his Spirit with me for the whole day.

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