Wednesday, October 21, 2015

sister, sister, sister

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Moncton with my mom & sister to visit with my grand-mother and three of my aunts! I couldn't pass it up, obviously! It was a much needed weekend away from the Island, but unfortunately I had to leave my husband at home to study and get some work done, and go golfing. But I had a really nice weekend too. We met up with my aunts on Saturday morning and visited with Grandma. Then mom, Kayla, Aunt Annette and I went shopping and met back up with Aunt Helen and Aunt Maureen & Steve at the hotel. We had some dinner at East Side Marios, which was delicious but made my belly sore for the rest of the night. It didn't help that I was sitting in a hotel bed with my little sister eating way too much candy and giggling wayyy too much. 

We visited again with Grandma again on Sunday morning before Maureen and Steve left town. We took some pictures with Grandma, but she was not very chatty that morning and wasn't too interested in taking some pictures as you can tell. She's such a good sport though. It is hard to see her like this, but I am fortunate to have wonderful memories with her. Every time I make peanut butter cookies, I think about her showing me how to roll them and press a fork in them before you put them in the oven. I remember sitting with her and watching TV in the kitchen while she drank her morning coffee. I remember snuggling with her on the blue couch in the living room and asking her about her beautiful dark, beaded rosary. She would tuck me into bed as often as she could when we stayed over in Moncton to visit. The day before we got there, she was lucky enough to have two of her sisters visit her. I was happy that my mom was able to visit with her sisters. I was happy that I could take a trip and spend some quality time with my sister. 

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