Wednesday, December 9, 2015


I was thinking about some stuff yesterday that I wanted to share. I don't feel like I normally share very honest posts about my personal life, but I have been feeling very grateful about something.

Our families have never been wealthy. I can remember a couple of times growing up that I saw my parents upset about money, or worried about being able to provide for us and pay the bills. Haig would tell you similar experiences from his childhood. Our parents have been unemployed in some circumstances, they found ways to budget and also manage debt. Our families never had it all, but it seemed like we always pulled through. I am happy that I was never fortunate enough to have every single thing that I wanted. My parents provided the necessities, and when I became old enough, I worked so that I could provide myself with a couple of extra dollars in my pocket.

While I studied at UPEI, my parents were so great to let me live at home 'rent' free. I was paying for my education, my textbooks, my gas to get to and from school and work, and starting to pay some of my own bills. Things were not so bad. I was able to save money for the future, although I didn't know exactly what the future would hold. I was able to travel with ease and sometimes I didn't really have to think twice about purchasing an item that I wanted.

As soon as Haig and I started to think about getting married, I worried about money a little bit. I did worry that because everyone says "newlyweds" are usually broke, I imagined we would be poor like all of the time. The first couple of months were not so bad. The summer months were great when we were both working our butts off. Then the fall rolled around and things changed a little bit. I started paying back my student loan. We pay our monthly bills. We put gas in the car to get from school and work. Haig only works part-time. I "quit" one of my job positions, so I am only working part-time as well. Sometimes I look at the bank account and wonder "where did all of our money go". We put food on the table. Sometimes, I buy a couple of things for the after-school program, sometimes Haig picks up a lunch on the way to work.

But, the funny thing is, we are always okay. We always seem to make it to the next month with a little left. I am not great at budgeting. I am good at paying the bills on time and saving money. We have not given ourselves any type of "allowances" or how much money we can each spend. We share our money and we consult each other on how we are going to spend it. When we pray, we thank God for everything he has blessed us with. We pay our tithing because we know that blessings come because of it.

So yeah, we do not have it all. Like our parents have taught us,we have the necessities. We are working hard. We are cautious of our spending habits. We are in debt. We are not wealthy, but we know what true wealth is, happiness and prosperity.

{as I was typing this post, my husband sent me our electric bill statement for this month. it looks like I am so good at paying the bills that last month I paid the electric bill twice, which makes our current total amount owing, $2.24. 
praise the lord!!!} 

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