Monday, December 7, 2015

thinking about Minnesota

Haig and I have been thinking about his mission lately. This morning as I finished up some lists that I have been working on, some little projects to get ready for this week, baking and some cleaning of the apartment, I felt the need to sit down and open up a document on my laptop called from Minnesota, with love. This word document has most of the e-mails that Elder Pinsent sent to me while he was in Minnesota. I didn't really know where to start or what to read, so I decided I would find an e-mail closets to today's date, December 7th.   

December 3rd 2012
Dear Alyssa,

This week was really one for the record books.
Last night Brittany decided that she is going to be baptized on December 15th! There is a lot of work to be done between now and then, but it is very exciting none the less. She was really prepared by the Lord and is really ready to make this huge step in her life and into the eternities.
I absolutely loved watching the Christmas devotional last night, and I was absolutely thinking about you and how much I know you love the First Presidency. I love that you have a love for them, just as I do. 

Thank you for all of your encouraging words today. This week was hard despite the miracle that we have seen in Brittany, and I'm happy that you are always as supportive as you can be. I also got a package from you today! I didn't open it, because you mentioned one that I could and one that I couldn't and I didn't want to open the wrong one. I got one from my family the other day as well. I know that in a few months or years, I won't remember any of what was in any of these gifts. But I will always remember the closeness and joy and love that I have felt to everyone. And to you. This time of year of course we spend a lot of time teaching people about Christmas and it has been really hard on me. Seeing how many people really don't care about this season as anything more than just gifts and food almost breaks my heart. I love Jesus Christ. He is my Savior and King. There is no other holiday that allows us to express that quite like this one. I'm fine with getting shut down. Don't even care. Go ahead, slam a door in my face! doesn't faze me. But if you stand in front of me and tell me that Christmas means no more than gifts under a tree, we are going to fight till the sun goes down. People can walk all over me, but Jesus Christ did more for mankind than any other person save God himself. He deserves more from all of us, and He asks nothing. I love Him for it.

I hope that you enjoy this season for what it is. I know you will, but always remember that the reason why we have a shot at eternity, is because of him. I found a new verse in the Book of Mormon that I love, but I can't remember where it is, I will have to write it out next week maybe. It basically says that the only thing that stands between us and justice and damnation and eternity, is Christ the Lord.

Thank you so much again for your support, that letter will be on its way today. Thank your family again for me for the package and for everything. Tell them I love them.

I hope that these e-mails even convey 1% of the love and joy that I am feeling in this work. There is no other time that I can remember that I have felt the spirit more consistently than while I have been here. I hope you can feel that while you read.

I love you Alyssa Fraser. I really do. With every fiber of me being.
Elder Pinsent

Elder Alpert, Elder Pinsent & Brittany (Nagel) Boren, December 2012

* I have never had the privilege of meeting  Charlie (only on Skype) or Brittany, 
but I love them more than I could have ever imagined! 
They are so amazing. Seriously, they are some of my favorites. 
Maybe we can plan for a triple date with Charlie, Sarah, Brittany and Grant some day....   

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