Wednesday, December 30, 2015

you do you

Some stuff happened this week that really hurt my self-worth. I know people have bigger battles. I personally know individuals who face anxiety issues and depression. I know people who are unhappy with how they look, their work life, their family circumstances and a number of other unfortunate life challenges. For me, it was a good 24 hours of pain, crying and literally feeling like I had nothing, except for one amazing husband who stayed by my side  the whole time. Of course, I will not be going into too much detail but here are my realizations from the experience I was having. 

My life is pretty beaver dam good. Like seriously I know it's pathetic for me to be so held up on my current employment situation. Some people can't even find one job, can't obtain benefits, are not guaranteed any numbers of hours a week. Here I am now with two jobs, both of which have challenges but I enjoy them both and I am learning so many things as I interact with my 14 kids, and also sweet elderly adults that have loads of life experience and super nice things to say to me, like all of the time. Someday I do hope to have a 'career', or maybe I will just continue to have jobs that I can do well and other opportunities that will give me good life experience. 

I have been soo over Social Media over the holidays. Except I say that and I know I contributed to the whole "how awesome can I make my Christmas look" Instagram post or sincere Facebook status (okay I didn't do that because Facebook is so 2009). What I realized is that I am following SO many people on Instagram that I don't even KNOW! Many of these individuals are amazing people and very successful in their lives and careers, but is that really helping me to see my life in a different light? Don't get my wrong, I believe in seeing positive things especially on social media but I would rather be seeing these great things from the people I see on a regular basis, or with people that I have made a personal connection with through Instagram or Facebook. So do it. Unfollow all those people who have never even met before, it will help a lot to not have to wonder what really happens behind the scenes of that perfect picture they posted. 

You don't have to be the same as everyone else. That was probably the biggest thing for me to realize. Life is so different for everyone. It moves differently. Some things take longer for some than for others. We are all on a different path, designed specifically for us. We can all make goals and plans to achieve those goals. When we have faith, we can continue along our own path and await the blessings the Lord has in store for us. His timing is all that matters. He will lead and guide us as we communicate with him and he will bless us as we strive to be like Him. 

Last but not least, be sincere with the people that you love. Nothing hurts more than not talking to loved ones or seeing family around the holidays. Nothing hurts more than getting exciting news through a text message because you're "too busy" to call. Again, I feel at fault for this too, I know I can do better at this one. We all can. I don't know what else to say about it. Just love the people you care about. Try to show them how much you care about them. Simple things work really well. Bake someone a batch of cookies. Write someone a note. Meet up with them for hot chocolate. Invite your friend over to sit on your couch, make her cinnamon rolls and cry with her, because that's what she needs from you.
I guess I'm a weird way these might be "New Years" resolutions, but one lady the other day asked me if I made resolutions and I told her that I don't. Instead I just try to change little things everyday to make my life better, to continue to be happy. 

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