Saturday, January 2, 2016

Nova Scotia New Year

The last week of 2015 was spent in Nova Scotia with our Pinsent family. We drove over on Tuesday afternoon, after a rough 24 hours of sadness on my part. We almost didn't go. Haig already called his mother and told her we wouldn't be there. It was suppose to start snowing soon and it was getting too late in the day to head over. We continued to talk about me, about us and we decided that we did need to go and see our family and also attend the temple.

I was already mostly organized to go, but we packed out stuff in a solid 12 minutes and we were out the door. The funnest part was trying to get the Christmas tree outside while we were trying to leave as soon as possible. Luckily my husband is pretty fantastic. He got the tree outside and assured me that he would clean all the needles that had fallen off when we got home, because we didn't have time to do it. I trusted him, because if you know me well enough, you would know that I do not like leaving a mess.

We also had a couple of stops to make along the way, but finally we were heading towards the bridge. By the time we got to the bridge, it was snowing a fair amount. The highway in New Brunswick was mostly snow covered and the highway to home was down to one lane (double-highway). Every time Haig went to pass someone I was so nervous. I kept saying little prayers to help us get there safely. We did of course, because again my husband is a ninja.

When we arrived our family was out. We waited at the house and cuddled together on the couch. We even had a little nap for a bit. It was nice to play some games with them later in the evening. It was nice to have Victoria and Eli with us too because they also spent some time with his family while we were there, but it was good to have them with us for that night. Haig and I slept in the basement on this visit. I like spending the last few minutes of the day with him. Although we sleep in the same bed every night, Haig and I usually each end up on the end of the bed, not facing each other. So when we do get into bed at the end of the night, we always try to cuddle for a couple of minutes before falling asleep. And that is why being married is awesome. You literally get to cuddle with your best friend everyday.

On Wednesday, we spent the entire morning at the temple. We decided we needed to go to the temple with some important questions about what we needed to be doing right now in our lives and in the new year. It was great to feel the peace that the temple brings. I was great to feel so much love coming from my husband. Sometimes I think we forget to really stop and slow down in our everyday life. The temple changes that. We stared into each other's eyes for a long time. We participated in a lot of temple work that day, and it made me feel so happy and I know that the Lord will bless us in this new year.

For the next day or so, we were able to see our family a lot. We spent some time with extended family. We played a lot of board games and ate lots of snacks and good food. We went shopping and got our pictures taken as a family. We spent the last hours of 2015 together as a family. It wasn't anything exciting. Even from 11pm-12:00am New Years Day, we were all scattered around the house doing our own thing. We shared our first New Years kiss as a married couple. New Years Eve has always been our thing.

On New Years Day we gathered as friends and family to eat more good food and play street hockey. We saw old friends and also made new friends. We were reunited with Haig's long board that he gave to someone before his mission. We drove home that afternoon and made it back to PEI in the evening.

Our family is growing up. Everyone is so different and unique. Our parents are amazing for all that they do. We sure do love them. We don't know everything that the new year holds, but as long as we have our families support I know we will continue to make it through lots of things, the good and the bad. We are truly blessed to have these wonderful people in our life.

Happy New Year,
Love the Pinsents  

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