Monday, January 11, 2016

clean the bathroom sink

I have been feeling like so deep lately. So many things are happening in our lives. A lot of our friends and family are struggling with a number of different things. Of course many people in the world are experiencing things I wouldn't even know about. Haig came to pick me up at work last night. I was surprised when we were about half way home he said "there's something we need to talk about".

Usually if there is "bad news", he would wait to tell me at home. But he told me right as we were coming up to a red light. I was sad by the news he told me and I prayed for this family member in my heart. When we got home, I got cleaned up from work in the bathroom. I thought about the struggles of everyday life. I thought about the challenges that some people face everyday. I have probably said this on here before, but I literally know that some people can't even get out of bed in the morning, and I need to be more grateful that I can do that. As I washed my face, I noticed how dirty our bathroom sink was and my first initial thought was , "woe me I need to clean the bathroom sink".

I bet those people who are experiencing things way worse than I have it would love to be able to just take some time to clean the bathroom sink and get away from the world. The people who can't get out of bed in the morning on their own, I bet they would love to be able to do the simple things like clean the bathroom sink too. But there I stood, sad that another week was before me with so much to do and decide and I was worried about another thing: cleaning the bathroom sink.

Whatever worries you, whatever scares you, whatever you've done wrong, the challenges you face the struggles you have can all be conquered with faith and vigorous courage. As I laid in bed last night with Haig my mind raced on all of the ideas, thoughts and concerns I had about this week. Suddenly I was in my husband's arms and I knew that all I needed to do right then and there was to just be with him and not worry about anything else. Sure, I woke up this morning and got to work on some things but sometimes it's not about cleaning the bathroom sink, it's about finding your simple ways to be happy and forget about the bathroom sink.

Well, for now that is. I should probably clean it a little later today.

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