Monday, February 22, 2016

Anniversary Night at The Great George

I have wanted to stay at The Great George for a long time now and two of my great friends have worked for them. We do love Jocelyn, not only because she helped us get a great deal but because she is one of the most caring and generous people ever. 

When we arrived to the hotel on Friday afternoon, Jocelyn surprisingly greeted us after her work shift. We got checked in and went to check out our room before we had to go get a couple more things for the night. Our room was so wonderful and lovely! It had a living space as soon as you walk in the door, complete with a fireplace and balcony. Upstairs was the master suite with a Jacuzzi, king size bed and a big TV. Our room was decked out with roses, rose petals on the bed and also treats like kettle cooked chips, peanut butter brittle and salt water taffy. We were feeling pretty spoiled!

Unfortunately, we had to go back out because I needed to pick something up. We decided that we would also rent a movie, because we were hoping to stay up pretty late, which also then required us to go and get our DVD player at home. When we got back to the room around 5:00, we relaxed for a little bit and I got changed for dinner. We also took a quick walk in town to grab ONE more thing for the night- bubble bath! 

We went to Gahan House for dinner. I got the chicken club sandwich and Haig got the quesadilla. I love Gahan House because my tummy is always happy after I eat a meal from there. 

We ate our wedding cake when we got back. It was pretty good, okay for a cake that is almost a year old. I still don't really know why that is a tradition but it was fun I guess. Haig was a little upset because I was literally getting cake all over the place. We started to eat it on the bed, but I was making a huge mess and even when we started eating it on the floor I ended up making a mess there too! It was a pretty crumbly cake. It was really nice to be out of our apartment for one night. It was great to have a different atmosphere than what I am used to every day. We watched the new James Bond movie Spectre and it was actually really good.

We had a pretty yummy breakfast in the morning, and then made our way home because Haig was going out with some friends in the afternoon. I hope that we will be able to find traditions for our anniversary. This was our best anniversary yet ;)  

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