Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Winnie dog

Winnie, are we friends yet? Sometimes I go to visit you and you love me so much. I walk in the door and sometimes I even take the time to love you before I even take my shoes on. I pat your belly really hard to show you that I am paying attention to you and that I missed you. I can tell that you missed me too because you are so happy to see me and your tail wags really fast. You quickly find me a new toy to show me or a new place you like to jump on. You silly dog. I sit down on the floor and we will play some more. Sometimes you will even give me a little space when I need to talk to my mom or sister. That's usually when you go and bug my husband though. Haig does like you, you just need to be a little more gentle with him. You need to be a little more gentle with me too okay? I am really upset when you get mad at me and try to bite my toes. It hurts my feelings. Sometimes I am not doing anything and you start to get mean. I know you are not a mean dog. You are only just a little puppy. You are full of energy and I do really love you, so let's keep building this relationship and make it the best we can. 

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