Monday, February 29, 2016

leap day

today is sort of a funny day, it's leap day!

the day that only comes once every four years. I never thought of doing anything special until now, but now I don't really have enough time to throw something together.

Today is also a funny day because I will be telling my after-school program children and parents that I am leaving to go to another job....

Yeah, that's right. Changing things up again.

My part-time weekend job offered me a lot more hours and I enjoy working and learning in that atmosphere. I also enjoy working with older adults and seniors and I have been looking for the opportunity to work with them for quite some time now, so I really didn't want to pass this up. It was really scary to make the decision to leave, but after a lot of time, thought and prayer, I knew this would be best for me and my family right now.

I will start full time hours there next week. I need to buy some more scrubs. I probably haven't mentioned this before, but wearing scrubs is pretty great. Being comfortable, covered and modest for 8 hours is all I could ever want in a job right?

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