Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mattie in the morning'

A couple of weeks ago my sweet friend Mattie told me she would be visiting her grandparents, Bob and Pat as I know them, over her spring break. You see, Mattie lives in America! We have seen each other a couple times over the years as she has visiting her grandparents, but we never found the time to do anything while she was here. Luckily with my new job, I actually had a whole day off and I asked her if she wanted to do something for the afternoon. On Monday, we had so much fun looking around Charlottetown. Mattie especially loved the St. Dunstan's Basilica. We also found a book that I recommended her to read at a great price, and she also picked up some of her favorite Island drink, raspberry cordial. We picked up Haig from school and we went out to have dinner at her grandparents house. I love the Steens' house "by the bay". We had some PEI mussels for dinner with a vegetable stir fry and rice. We also played a couple rounds of Mexican domino train and one round of Skip-Bo. 

It was sad to say goodbye to Mattie at the and of the night. After all this time, I was so thrilled to have found such a strong connection and friendship between us. We bonded over our love of the gospel, the love we have for our family members, the similarities of our likes and preferences, what books we like to read and of course our goals and desires. I told Haig so much about our lovely day together and he said "I wish you had a friend like Mattie that lived here". When I talked to Mattie this next morning, I decided that we would do something again before she left for home. We met up on Wednesday morning for a delicious breakfast, some treats and a quick trip to the Confederation Centre Art Gallery. I will be so happy when Mattie visits again later this summer. I hope I do a good job of playing tour guide for her. I think we will do all things "Anne" and I think we will also make a trip over to the Halifax Temple. 

Until then, I hope to stay in touch with this wonderful, kindred spirit friend. 

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