Monday, March 21, 2016

why you shouldn't ditch the blog

In the past couple of years, part of me has struggled with the idea of "blogging". If you have been reading for some time now, you have probably noticed it. I go in between writing a lot about different things I am doing and feeling and ways in which I am growing up and living my life. Sometimes, I have felt that some things are too personal to share, or some things may not be well received, or I think why would anyone want to read about that?


I found this post a couple days ago and it really inspired me to make my blog all that I want it to be. I was really bummed out this past week when I found out that Instagram will be changing their feed with an algorithm-based personalized feed. Instagram is stating that on average, people miss about 70 percent of the posts in their instagram feed. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter (which I was very happy to get rid of recently) and other social media platforms will always be changing.

When I started blogging in 2010, I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I just wanted to write about it. My blog probably looked so ridiculous for a long time, but over time I have created my own online space to share my lifestyle. My blog is valuable to me and I am going to continue to put time and effort into posts about my life and also pursue ideas about postings tutorials, do-it-yourself projects, cooking and baking and travel.

My blog has become a journal and home for some of my thoughts. I mentioned that sometimes I feel like things have been too personal to share. I may not go into too many details about a certain situation, but it has been important for me to express my emotions in writing on this blog. I have been able to reconnect with people, friends have been able to see what I have been up to and I have also been able to create a print document of my blog as well using Blurb.

My blog has been able to evolve with my lifestyle. In the past 6 years of blogging, my medium went from a sweet and care-free eight-teen year old chick, playing and having fun, unsure of the future, to an almost TWENTY-FOUR year old woman, wife and homemaker with goals, dreams and plans for the future! If I stop blogging now, where will I post all of the things that I accomplish in the next year, the next 5 years?

I will not be 'ditching' the blog anytime soon.

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