Wednesday, March 23, 2016

what happened in brussels

I am sure that my parents were just as concerned about me as I left on a school trip 6 years ago for a week in Europe. It was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me, However, parents yesterday had even more concern as terrorist attacks occurred in Brussels, Belgium. Students from the Island French schools are on their school trip to Europe and they had been in Brussels just hours before the attacks happened. Luckily, they are safe.

Others, were not safe. 

I have been thinking about what happened in Brussels yesterday and also what happened in Paris just a few short months ago, and things that happen in the world every single day. These events are significant though. These events prove that there is hate and evil in this world. These events prove that there is incivility, there is cruelty. There is envy, strife and malice. There is great fear in our world, in our society, in our communities.

These events also prove to me however, that we can be unified. How can we be unified when these awful events occur? Perfect love casteth out all fear. I was inspired by what a friend on instagram posted. She explained that we need to choose love and choose light over the darkness in this world. I agree that when events like this take place, everyone quickly acts as if we are always unified, when really we need to try harder everyday to give someone a helping hand, say kind words and 
judge less. 

I hope and pray we can all embark on a pursuit to become more humble. This virtue will lead us away from being arrogant, prideful. If we can become a more humble society, it will foster a sense of growth, prosperity, loving kindness and solidarity. 


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