Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Events

Just a couple more pictures for the end of the month! 

After mom's graduation a couple of weeks ago, Kayla came over for dinner and we made tacos. Tacos are a pretty big deal for us and we like to go all out when we have them. Kayla even offered to buy us each a drink on our drive home from the graduation. I am thinking I might need to make some tacos again later this week for Cinco de Mayo! Who wants to party with us?

Haig and I got out a couple times this month, but I hope the weather is going to get warmer and warmer because the sun has been super deceiving the last couple of days. It usually looks bright, warm and sunny outside and once you get outside its chilly and windy! Haig is just itchy to do some golfing. He is going this weekend but I would love to see him play a round soon, or we might get out to the driving range that's down the street from our new apartment to have some fun!

I love going to young women's with our Charlottetown girls. They are so funny, talented, creative, unique and wonderful. We held an "art after dark" type activity. We watched a artist's step by step video on painting a gorgeous mountain landscape. The girls did really great and towards the end some of the girls decided to really let their creativity flow! I decided not to participate in this activity because I thought I would be leaving early to get some more sleep for my night shift, but also because mine would have looked like a big blue, black and brown blob, so that would be been really pretty......

April 2016, you've been so much fun! Now it's time for MAY!!!

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