Wednesday, April 20, 2016

as of lately

So much and not much has been going on. Isn't that strange? I guess most days I just feel like a robot because I am preparing for night shifts or recovering from night shifts. It is so nice to have days off during the week and my hope is to plan to get together with friends or do something fun, but I always end up being really lazy. On Tuesday, my day off, we cleaned the car. It was soo bad from this winter. Neither of us really enjoy cleaning the car. It is so much work to take it home to vacuum and wipe down the interior. While we were home I also unloaded a tote with my summer clothing and I cleaned out most of what was in the closet in my old room. When I got it all home I was a little overwhelmed, especially with all of the clothes. I started to do some cleaning up and hauling out. I worked for a long time getting my dresser and closet organized, that when I took a short break to lay down on the bed, I knew it was time for a nap. I slept for two hours. I didn't really know my body needed the rest, but I guess it did. In the evening, we took a drive to value village to drop some of the donations off. Then we made a trip up to Winners to look around, and the dollar store to get some treats to watch our new show 'daredevil'. Our go-to treats are munchos, strawberry straws and kit kat bars. I also picked up a lemon san pellegrino and Haig got some black licorice candies. Today, I got a lot of rest this afternoon, preparing to go to work at midnight. Its tough, but its not all that bad. Tonight I will take my current read: PS, I Love you by Cecelia Ahern and also some snacks. Basically my life is all about snacks okay? I will hopefully be able to nap a little more later this evening, but for now I am heading off to my "first" night back at Young Women's. I have been called to serve as the second counselor in our ward and I am excited for this new opportunity to hang out with the sweet girls in our church congregation!

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