Saturday, April 9, 2016

home organization binder

I have been feeling super disorganized lately. I am not really sure why. I guess maybe I just feel lazy when it comes to getting our home, finances and appointments/meetings in order. Everything always seems to work out so why plan for it right? Nope.. wrong! I think family organization has been very important for Haig and I in the early stages of our marriage. When we are able to sit down and talk about what we have planned for the week or what we need to do with our money, I feel us becoming more unified. When we actually take the time to talk about these things, we are ensuring that we can be prepared for whatever comes our way.

I have heard about "home organization" binders, and I knew I would be able to find tons of printable pages on pinterest that I would like to incorporate for our family. I decided to stick with a monthly planner because I find that works best for us, but some families might prefer to use a weekly or bi-weekly planner.

Some of the templates I used can be found at the links below:

I love the simplicity of this print. I really like that it incorporates everything that I have been looking for in terms of goal planning, organization, and budgeting. I have also been pretty obsessed with writing down every time we make a bill payment in my own personal planner. I am looking forward to using this print instead.

Haig and I decided that we would move into a new apartment this month. When we decided and started to move some money around to pay for the damage deposit on the new place, I started to get really worried. We figured that the best time for us to move would be when we are both starting to work full time, as I start my new job and Haig finishes up his first year of school. We really, really need to use this print. As we start to make more money over the summer, it will help us to see how we need to budget for when we are not making as much money in the fall when Haig goes back to school. I really hope we can be consistent with using this print.

I adore this set of FREE prints, I need to be doing more of these things. I am a giver, so I really like the "lift & love" page. I usually have a big pile of note cards around the apartment for when I think someone needs to read a little note of encouragement! I also really like the "wants & needs" page because I feel like I usually have an on-going list in my head of things I really "want", but I know I don't necessarily need. I know this will help with figuring that out.

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Just catching up on you guys! Do my eyes spot what I think they spot? Congratulations!!!