Thursday, April 28, 2016

too close to home

Yesterday, my mom sent me a picture on a Facebook message. I couldn't really tell what she was trying to show me at first, then she told me that the field behind my family's home was on fire. She told me about what happened and that the firefighters put it out. It wasn't until seeing the pictures later that I realized how bad the fire was, and that it could have burned down my family's home, their belongings, the things they work so hard for. I know that people experience worse every single day. I know that I wasn't close to home to have to go through this. The situation however is still a scary one. I can't imagine what would have happened if my family lost everything. I am glad they are safe and that no one was hurt.

We live in a small community. We already know how the fire was started. Young kids experimenting with smoking. I am very disappointed that this could have created such a terrible situation for my family and neighbours if the fire had spread any further than it did. The black burn marks in the field are just a mere 20 feet from our garage. I hope these young people will take a lot of time to reflect on their actions and even apologize for being so naive, careless and down right stupid in my opinion.

A special thanks to the Firefighters at the North River Fire Department. I am grateful for their hard work and dedication to helping others, especially those in a time of need such as this one. Thank-you to our wonderful neighbours that are always looking out for us. A special shout out to my family, I love you all and I am glad you are safe.

Pictures (except for the last one) by my talented brother, Bryan Fraser using Canon Rebel t3i
using 40mm and 55-250mm lenses.

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